History of the Village of Glendale

The Village of Glendale, Ohio, is a must-see spot for anyone visiting Cincinnati for business or pleasure!

Glendale, the first planned railroad commuter town in the US, is nestled along an active track. With its curvilinear plan dating back to the 1850s, Glendale received the Historic Landmark designation by the Department of the Interior in 1976. With this special recognition, Glendale joined such illustrious company as the Charleston Historic District and even the Alamo.

Glendale, once a home for the railroad workers, became a place of distinction for the wealthy businessmen of Cincinnati. The first large home was built in 1854 for H.W. Hughes, a banker, as his summer home.

Today, Glendale is a village of approximately 2,200 people who live in an area of approximately 1.7 miles. It is governed by a mayor and six council members who are paid exactly the same as they were in 1855; absolutely nothing! The village, conceived as a totally independent community, has its own water works, sewer system and police department as well as an active volunteer fire department.

You will feel welcome the minute you enter the scenic village. Stroll the streets and greet neighbors walking their dogs or just out for a leisurely stroll. Visit the local restaurants, shops, and bakery, and feel a part of Americana that is lost in many communities. Buildings stand as they did in the early days, but updated and taken care of with a pride for this community.

Take the historic Glendale walking tour and learn more about the homes and residents that help create this wonderful community.

“As a long time resident of Glendale and living in one of the early homes, I can say that this is a place like no other and something to be experienced. I came here from California, but have found my roots here.” Robin Thomas, Glendalia owner.

The Glendalia Boutique Hotel, once a boarding house, later office space, and then apartments, is starting a new era for the village. It has been updated to cherish the old and welcome the new!!

Thank you for coming to our community and sharing our heritage. If anyone asks you how things are in Glendale, tell them what we say:

Glendale? Oh, it’s still the same. Hope to see you soon!

Robin Thomas

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History of Glendale, The Glendalia Boutique Extended Stay Hotel

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